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Apr 16, 2017 · THE BEST JUST GOT BETTER. Introducing the HydroFill PRO from Philadelphia Scientific. Water when you need it, where you need it. With a huge 60 liter tank and a tactile LCD display that gives you instant feedback, the HydroFill PRO greatly improves your battery watering capability.

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Storage Battery Systems offers Philadelphia Scientific battery watering guns for industrial/forklift batteries, stationary batteries and railroad batteries (diesel starter batteries).

Philadelphia Scientific Injector Watering Carts

Buy Philadelphia Scientific Injector Watering Carts securely online today at a great price. Philadelphia Scientific Injector Watering Carts available today at Test Equipment Dat

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Product Description: Philadelphia Scientific's industry-leading Smart Blinky battery watering monitors help ensure your electrolyte levels are never too low or too high saving you time and money. And now they are even better with the following new features and benefits:

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As water flows the Flow Indicator will spin. Once the battery is filled, the water flow will stop and the Flow Indicator will stop spinning. Turn the Instant Valve to the OFF position. The HydroCart unit is shipped in one carton and is completely assembled. The power lead is the only part not attached to the cart. Installation

Philadelphia Scientific Water Supplies powRparts offers a wide range of industrial battery products to meet all motive power needs that keep you compliant with OSHA regulations. Products include watering accessories, handling equipment, safety items and more. Enjoy same day shipping on in-stock orders received by 2 p.m. CST, Monday through Friday.

Philadelphia Scientific Direct Fill Links Materials

Philadelphia Scientific Direct Fill Links. Make watering easier by bringing the water source directly to your battery. These Philadelphia Scientific direct fill hose assemblies connect to your watering system for a convenient and perfect fill every time.

Philadelphia Scientific Water Deionizer System

Using deionized water for battery watering helps maximize battery life. This high capacity Water Deionizer System is an easy-to-use and cost-effective way to water your forklift batteries.

Philadelphia Scientific HYDROFILL CRT-12V Battery Watering

Philadelphia Scientific HYDROFILL CRT-12V Battery Watering Cart, 12 VDC T92669

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Home / Batteries and Accessories / Battery Accessories / Philadelphia Scientific Watering Guns and Carts. Philadelphia Scientific Watering Guns and Carts. A000035546.

Philadelphia Scientific : Instant Valve Pro (INJ-607)

INJ-607 : The Philadelphia Scientific Instant Valve Pro is equipped with a built-in flow indicator wheel. The Instant Valve Pro is connected to the direct fill link and attaches to the input assembly of your watering injector system.

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Depending on water quality, the direct fill link can be connected to a standard garden hose, a deionizer, an 8 gallon Aqua Sub Jr. cart or 25 gallon Aqua Sub cart to put water directly into the batteries. The direct fill link has a built-in flow indicator and pressure regulator, reducing pressure down to 10 PSI.

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Water where you want it, when you want it Philadelphia Scientific Watering Carts bring unsurpassed flexibility and convenience to your battery watering operation and are the ideal complement to our Battery Watering Guns. With no need for an electric supply, these two cordless Battery Watering Carts are the perfect

Philadelphia Scientific HydroFill Forklift Battery Watering

The HydroFill Watering Cart (30 litres) is designed to work with Philadelphia Scientific forklift battery water guns. Water gun not supplied. The HydroFill cart is easy to use and reliable. Simply fill the cart with a suitable source of deionised water, wheel it to your battery, attach to the filling system and switch on.

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The HydroFill cart features a 2-wheel configuration that allows for easy maneuverability up stairs and ramps. To use, simply fill the tank from any available water source through the large opening. Connect your favorite Watering Gun to the end of the 9 foot (2.7 Meters) hose and then water your industrial battery.