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First Aid | Safety Topics | SAFE Work Manitoba

If your workplace has more than 100 workers, you will also require a first aid room that includes a bed, stretcher and sink among other first aid materials. Providing first aid care will help ensure you provide an immediate and effective response when injuries or incidents occur.

How to Carry an Injured Person by Yourself During First Aid

Mar 31, 2019 · Before carrying an injured person by yourself during first aid, make sure they don't have a spinal injury, since moving them could cause paralysis. If the person does appear to have a spinal injury, put towels or pillows on both sides of their head to keep it as still as possible.

Essential First Aid Items You Should Have in Your Car

Here is a list of all the First Aid basics you should always keep well-stocked in your First Aid car kit: Adhesive Band-Aids for covering cuts. Gauze pads for treating wounds. Safety pins for closing bandages. Adhesive tape. Antibiotic ointment. Antiseptic and hydrocortisone cream for skin inflammation and rashes.

First Aid Travel Kits, & Supplies | Red Cross Store

Light, compact, and easy-to-use first aid travel kits can be kept in your purse, backpack, or even your pocket, ready use for wherever youre heading. Free Shipping on Sandless Sandbags for Floods, Leaks, & Spills.

First Aid Supplies, First Aid Equipment | Emergency Medical

EMP can supply you with all the first aid supplies you need by the brand names you trust. Pay less on first aid kits, bandages, hot and cold packs, burn care products, adhesive medical tape, medical gauze, and many more first aid items. Easily order the first aid supplies you need online today.

First Aid Steps | Perform First Aid | Red Cross

To see the steps to perform first aid and learn how to administer care properly, watch our videos: Giving CPR (Adult) Giving CPR (Adult/Child) Giving CPR (Infant) You can also sign up for a get First Aid/CPR/AED certified, where you'll learn the latest techniques and earn a two-year certification in first aid from the American Red Cross.

Emergency Strertchers Patient Trolley - Givas

A portable first aid stretcher, MLF999-E is commonly used for transporting bone fractured and seriously injured patients. A clutch zip design at the middle of the model, the stretcher can be divided into left and right parts. Both parts can be drawn out when you need to put the patient on the operating table or Auto First Aid Kits & Automotive

Auto First Aid Kits Auto Emergency Kits & Auto Survival Kits : Discount and Wholesale Auto First Aid Kits designed specifically for use in and around your car. These Automotive First Aid kits contain a variety of first aid supplies to treat minor injuries as well as supplies for responding to major roadside emergencies.

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FAST Rescue are top First Aid suppliers with the Canadian Red Cross. Our Stretchers, Spine Boards and Beds are certified Federally, Provincially and with all labour boards for use in all workplaces and businesses. We provide a satisfaction guarantee and commitment to service with all our health and safety supplies. +

How to Pack a First Aid Kit for Your Car: 10 Steps (with

Mar 30, 2018 · How to Pack a First Aid Kit for Your Car. First aid kits are a necessity in cars. Not only are they useful for minor sports injuries with your children, but they are crucial for more serious wounds sustained in a car accident.

First Aid Treatment for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

First Aid for Someone Having a Seizure. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Treatment. In this Article Essential First Aid. 8 essentials for car or purse. Hands-Only CPR. 4 steps for adults. first aid kit car

First Aid Kit for Car, SUV and Marine by Higher Gear - 130 Pieces, Hard Shell Case - Perfect Emergency Kit for Home, Businesses, Travel, Hiking, Backpacking, Camping and Sports + Bonus eBook. 5% coupon applied.

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Oceania Medical is an industry leader in first aid kits designed for the marine industry including commercial ships, fisheries, superyachts and private cruising yachts. We also work within high risk worksites such as forestry, mining, police, fire services and farming.

First Aid Treatment for Nosebleeds

First Aid & Emergencies. Reference. First Aid for Someone Having a Seizure. Nosebleeds Treatment. Essential First Aid. 8 essentials for car or purse. Hands-Only CPR. 4 steps for adults.

First Aid First - Home

First Aid 1st is a Durban Company supplying a complete range of First Aid Kits and consumables. Our range includes Regulation 3, Regulation 7, Car Kits, Restaurant, School, Sports, Trauma, Hoffman Lifesaving Kit, Stretchers, Spine boards etc